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Mgame JAPAN - Tokyo Office
Established September 2005
Location Koto-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
Servicing Games Hero Online, Lost Online, Yulgang Online,
Lapis, Ghost Online, Knight Online,
Wind Forest Fire Mountain Online, Operation7
Lord of the cards

In 2001, Mgame took a joint project with Japanese Game maker ‘Hudson’ to develop Online game and it led Mgame to start its business in Japan by launching ‘Laphis Online’ and ‘ Knight Online’.
With experience in internet game industry and various game lineups, Mgame founded its branch, MGAME Japan ( in September 2005
Currently, Mgame Japan is providing contents that match the characteristics of the Japanese players such as chatting, avatar service along with MMORPG and downloadable games. MGAME Japan launched MMORPG ,download games, flash games and chatting and avatars that meet user’s tastes.
Also, Mgame Japan is using specialized marketing strategies based on the Japanese market.