ABOUT MGAME We build a future full of hope and dreams

Company Introduction



Mgame has all the‘fun’there is!

“Mgame” promotes  positive and healthy online gaming culture. We emit “emotional energy,” pride, fun and passion.

Mgame Corp was found in 2000 as an online game portal while the internet gaming culture was emerging. Since then, we’ve been expressing “fun” that everyone enjoys, using means of online games.

Mgame also tried incorporating other enjoyable aspects such as sports, comedy, music, movie, and animation within our games to provide our users with rich digital life and“gamtertainment”(game+entertainment).Today, Mgame has surpassed the title of “the best online game company in Asia”and continues to grow to become the best in the world.

Mgame is a corporation which is stable at the root.  We have a stable income model through years of experience from the core content of the online game industry, game development.  Using this model, we have been successfully servicing our games.

In addition, Mgame  has been actively investing into foreign markets and successfully established  a solid business 
base from forming foreign corporations in Japan, China, and the US. Mgame possesses an ability to jump up to the level of top global Internet business.

Twenty million users in Korea are enjoying the real “fun” provided by Mgame. Mgame and its users are developing and improving games in Korea.  As a preacher of the real “fun,” Mgame will continuously service games with a caring heart and refreshing contents. In near future, Mgame will grow into a global brand which will unify the whole world under the ultimate factor we believe in - fun.”